2011. július 1., péntek

(No eyes but still alive) 20. kép szörny

This is a painting of a well known Hungarian prisoner artist. He lives in the Szeged Prison, and he gave plenty of interviews to the journalists. In Hungary the prisoners are not so active in the media like in the US. The administration of the media contact is also difficult, and the country itself is small, and the inmates can not withhold their identity even if they do not tell their real name.
This painting is high quality picture, oil on canvas. The size of the picture is unknown. A student of mine took this photo with the permission of the detainee.
The colors of the picture are also remarkable: the full spectrum between red and blue: the colors of blood and deep feelings. The eyes of this face are missing, hard to say whether form the birth or from an incident. 

Deprivation from the ability of sight is a frequent prison symbol:
- the prisoners blame the justice for its blindness
- the incarceration itself equals the a severe torture like the blinding
- in any extraordinary cases (i.e. fights, drug smuggling, forcing, rape etc.) the witnesses are recommended to stay blind and not to tell the truth to the authorities in the fear of repercussions: the retribution and the social exclusion      
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