2011. április 25., hétfő

(Vampire as a criminal) 18. kép szörny

This picture was taken in the most strict Hungarian prison where the long sentenced prisoners are kept. This a painting, oil on canvas, and you can see also the frame of it. The painting course in this prison aims also therapeutical aspects. Prisoners here having long sentences can buy the painting materials from outside, and they have a separated room in which they can paint or draw. Yearly 2-3 exhibitions is organized in Hungary to show this pictures to the non-prison world. This photo was made one of students during his summer exercise in the Szeged prison.
You can see a vampire on this picture or a man with sharp teeth. The nose and the ear is also vampire-like, and the hair a well. This is picture is roughly similar to the Bela Lugosi type vampire stereotypes. The character played by Lugosi had the same hairstyle in the upper middle of the forehead. You can notice also the eyebrows and the eyes and the wrinkles on the face: they are detailed worked out. The facial expression can be anger, hate but also fear. The general feelings of a person who is incarcerated for a longer period of time.
Vampires are not rare topics on the prison drawings. They symbolize the prisoner's self image as well in a broader aspect. All aliens and monsters mean the outcast, the parasites on the body of the society. Or this is the message from the outside world towards the inmates: you are monsters, you suck our blood, you committed very severe crime, therefore you deserve to be locked in the clink. The imprisonment is a longer period of sleep, an enlarged possibility to prepare the revenge for the "big" coming back. Prisoners rest in their coffin, and the wait for the release, they can arise and go back to the light. There are several literature parallels to this scenario: The Count of Monte Cristo or the Papillon. In this meaning this painting can be interpreted as a trial to break out from the prison.          
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